Cloud Solutions

Everybody’s talking about it, but what is it really, and what does it have to do with software licensing?

When people refer to the cloud, they might be referring to any number of related concepts in computing, but essentially, the cloud is a set of remotely hosted computing resources used by a client, whether a web page, mobile app, or traditional desktop application, for storage and computing power.

The line between cloud computing and the traditional client/server computing model can be a little fuzzy, but in general, cloud computing is often differentiated by scale, and by the design principle that computing resources in the cloud are generally more flexible and multi-purpose than in traditional server computing, able to be used for whatever need is most in demand.

Open source software is essentially free, and it is not generally encumbered by the software license models of proprietary software. Many proprietary software vendors, such as Microsoft and Oracle, are trying to maintain old and expensive license models, even though they impede the flexibility gained by virtualization and cloud computing.


Maven Cloud Solutions

Maven Cloud is an open source tool kit for cloud computing. It allows you to build and manage private clouds with VMware ESX and other providers.

Maven IT Solutions setup the cloud solutions for startups and other more established companies are supporting open source products that create and manage cloud environments. Why late, Let’s talk



Light & Simple

Lightweight and easy to install,maintain,operate and use.


Fully open-source and customizable to fit into any data-center and policies.


Production-ready, highly-scalable,reliable and commercially supported


Innovative functionality for private & hybrid clouds and data-center virtualization.