Transmission Tower Maintenance System

High effective tower maintenance system with reduced disruption and maintenance cost.

High level features:-

  • Location-aware Mobile app activated only in the Geo-fence of the tower being patrolled and enables patroller to feedback
  • Onsite Photographs of the severity captured and tagged for cross validation at the time of on-site material use for maintenance
  • Location-aware Mobile app tracked the amount of time spent on inspection and amount of time spent on travel, while multi-party travel were also facilitated and traced
  • Overall this system given advantage of  40% reduction in power transmission disruption, 30% reduction in maintenance expenses, 50% reduction in Travel Expenses and 25% reduction in manpower .

Transmission Tower Construction Management System

System to caters the effective management of tower construction progress.

High level features:-

  • Exclusive dash boarding to view the progress in graphical manner.
  • System can enable vendors to upload day by day work progress with evidence
  • System will compare the promised time line with actual time line
  • Auto detection of Angel Points
  • Offline capability of capturing Inspection Data.
  • Synchronize inspection data to back end system.

Condominium Community Management System (CCMS)

To keep the management & residents happy that their issues are being resolved quickly and effectively and friendly atmosphere between the residents and keep them more active with in the society. Using this platform all the residents can easily communicate and share their thoughts, happiness, events and selling  & buying goods among them easily.